Quick Overview
Features and benefits
  • Special seal design permits dry running
  • Long drawbar stroke for maximum flexibility
  • Labyrinth seal and drain holes protect bearings
  • Seal to protect bearings for air pressure in rotor area
  • Optimised seal balance ratio
  • Low heat generation in bearings and mechanical seal
  • High precision angular contact bearings for high speeds
  • No leakage during tool change commutation
  • Anodised aluminium body
  • Large drain holes to evacuate coolant from the union
  • Full flow area, minimal pressure drop
  • Supplied with bearings run-in upon request
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Maggiori Informazioni
Dimensione Giunto 3/8"
Rotore (K) 16 mm
Ingresso M Rp 3/8" RH (ISO 7)
Tenuta yz1/u31
Peso 0.600 kg
Produttore Johnson-Fluiten
Paese d'origine Italia
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