Marco Golla works as a business developer in Johnson-Fluiten. Working for the company for more than 18 years, he has developed his expertise during the years and improved his skills even more to offer the best options to improve energy saving, efficiency and productivity in industrial processes.

Q. Hi Marco. Thank you for making the time for this interview. How long have you been part of Johnson-Fluiten? Could you share your journey inside the company?

A. To be honest I feel part of this company because I started my journey in Johnson-Fluiten when the company was established.

My journey began long time ago in Fluiten, where I started in the technical office, when the drawings were still made on the drafting machine.

I continued in the sales office as an internal sales manager of mechanical seals, and then I was assigned an area as an Area Sales Manager. It allowed me to get a lot of technical and commercial experience.

Afterwards I had the opportunity to follow exclusively the rotary union on the Italian market and this is what I have done last years in Fluiten.

In September 2003, Johnson-Fluiten was born, a joint venture between Fluiten and Johnson Italia. The logical consequence was to bring my and Fluiten's know-out into the new company.

Since 2003, in Johnson-Fluiten I have always improved professionally, managing different industrial markets, dealing with customers every day, acquiring many customers, working on new challenges and new projects, always trying to reach the company's goals.

Recently I have been able to bring my experience around the world, comparing myself with colleagues or directly with foreign customers, focusing to develop new markets and new opportunities.


Q. What is the best part of your job?

A. It’s difficult to choose. There are so many aspects that I like about my job.

I consider contact with customers, the possibility of traveling, looking for new opportunities and learning different cultures are the fundamental elements of my job.

However, in the first place, I put the relationship I try to create with customers.  Customers that even today, after all these years, let me learn something new from their experience.

Q. Where do you see the biggest opportunities for Johnson-Fluiten in the years to come?

A. An interesting and continuously growing market is the Asian one.

I'm sure Johnson-Fluiten and Kadant have great opportunities to improve their business and create new ones.

The great point of our company and of our entire group is the ability to listen, understand, and find solutions to get the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Our greatest opportunities are our customers that allow us to work with them every day.


Q.What makes you proud of professionally? And personally?

A. Professionally I am very proud to be part of this great company, which supports me and allows me to grow every day, as I am proud of every new customer who starts collaborating with us.

Personally, I am proud of my family, seeing our children grow up every day is a priceless joy.


Q. If you could give one advice to the ones that are starting a career in Business Development, what would it be?

A. Never lose of your own goals, never give up on first failures, be curious and have the humility to learn every day.

You will always find someone more prepared and competent than you, use this as an opportunity to learn something.

Never stop, learn to see what others do not see and take any chance as an opportunity


Thank you again for your participation and we wish you lots of successful years!