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About us

Johnson-Fluiten was founded in 2003 as a joint venture between Kadant Johnson and Fluiten Spa and to understand its identity, it is essential to know the two companies that shaped it:

Kadant Johnson or more precisely, the historic company named The Johnson Corporation was founded in the United States in 1933 and was the pioneer company in the invention of the rotary pressure joint. Over the years, the company has grown to become a world leader in the production of steam rotary joints. In 2005, the company was acquired by the multinational Kadant Inc and renamed as Kadant Johnson.

Fluiten Spa, is a historic Italian company that is a benchmark in the precision engineering sector. Fluiten Spa designs and manufactures standard and customised mechanical seals according to its customers' specific requirements. The company's flagship is the R&D Department, equipped with a state-of-the-art dynamic test room in Europe, one of the few suitable for complex test calculations and operating simulations under the worst operating conditions.


Johnson-Fluiten is the perfect combination of the two, and benefits from the best features of both companies.


- on the one side the structure of KADANT, who, thanks to its several locations around the world, can reach customers worldwide and provide a sales network and highly qualified support available almost everywhere, with the guarantees, controls and procedures that are typical of a multi-national company.

- from Fluiten Spa benefits from the lean organisation that allows to minimise the development time of engineered projects and to customise each standard model; Johnson-Fluiten products are developed in the Research and Development department in close collaboration with Fluiten spa's Technical Department.

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Districts covered directly by Johnson-Fluiten + Kadant Johnson factories and sales offices + Agents and Representatives


In a few words, Johnson-Fluiten can count on the security, strength, global coverage, service and quality that have made KADANT a world leader. Know-how in precision mechanics, technology, flexibility and a wide range of products for water, air and oil are the features that Johnson-Fluiten owes to Fluiten spa


What we do

Johnson-Fluiten designs, manufactures and markets rotary joints for applications with water, thermal oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, air and other fluids. Johnson-Fluiten rotary joints are made in Italy.

Johnson-Fluiten rotary joints product range is the widest on the market; they can be designed with multiple passages and handle multiple fluid types simultaneously. Johnson-Fluiten rotary joint sizes range from ¼ inch to 8 inches. In addition to standard lines, we develop special versions to meet customer requirements in different industrial applications from steel to pharmaceuticals, from machine tools to food processing, and from paper to rubber and plastics.

Why are our products so special?

The heart of the rotary joint is its mechanical seal. And thanks to the partnership with Fluiten spa, which has always been a leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals of the highest quality, Johnson-Fluiten products can now claim this exclusive benefit. Replacement Design"(QRD). Johnson-Fluiten rotary joints have been designed to allow a quick replacement of the mechanical seal WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE IT FROM THE MACHINE. The benefit for users of Johnson-Fluiten rotary joints is remarkable; the machine equipped with QRD couplings will benefit from extremely short maintenance times compared to the same machine with standard components.