Danilo Volontè


Find out with this short interview who your contacts are at Johnson Fluiten, get to know better who works alongside you every day to provide you with the product and service excellence that has made us a leader in the rotary joint industry.


Danilo Volontè



+39 248 7112461

Who is Danilo?

I handle the sales of rotaryjoints produced by Kadant inthe paper industry; my job isnot just about closingcontracts, but is acombination of interpersonalskills, listening, problemsolving and practical work oncomponents.

What do you like in yourwork? What drives you?

I like to provide solutions toproblems that can be faced inthe paper mill. In this industry,machinery must alwaysperform at its best, avoidingany waste of time and steam;being able to provide the rightsolution makes all thedifference.

How are you able to help those who are readingthis interview?

By introducing our free services; in particular, we offer our on-siteassistance to measure the condition of the graphite wear of therotary joints used by the customer. This top-rated free service isaimed at verifying that the efficiency of the system is always at amaximum. Graphite, for example, is a key component of the rotaryjoint, and is subject to wear during normal use. In the case ofexcessive wear, there are risks... a rotary joint operating in sub-optimal conditions can lead to fire hazards, steam leaks resulting ininjury to operators, and last but not least, increased energyconsumption resulting in higher costs. What we do is really anoptimisation service that creates a real and measurable benefit forthe customer.

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